GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Polka music and the smell of pierogi will fill the air this weekend in Grand Rapids as the 51st annual Pulaski Days returns in Grand Rapids.  

Pulaski Days is where all 14 Polish halls and fraternal organizations in Grand Rapids are open to the public. Each hall will feature Polish music, live bands, and traditional Polish foods.

The annual celebration is meant to keep and celebrate the large Polish community that calls West Michigan home.  

“Keeping 14 Polish halls and fraternal organizations alive in Grand Rapids and West Michigan. To bring forward all that Polish heritage, that’s what’s important and that’s why we built Pulaski Days. It’s about the Polish traditions,” said Michelle Kershner, the chairwoman of Pulaski Days.

One of the halls, Jackson Street Hall, is in danger of closing due to the amount of repairs the building needs. Organizers of Pulaski Days hope this weekend will help with that effort.  

“Our Jackson Street Hall needs all the help it can get. We are reaching out to the community, even construction companies, anybody to help restore this club. It is the oldest Polish hall in the nation. That is a wonderful thing,” said Kershner 

A few halls will be open to the public Thursday. All 14 will be open Friday through Sunday.

“We want to keep the culture alive. It’s unique, it’s interesting, it’s old world from across the seas. So we don’t want to be forgotten and we don’t want the younger people not to have opportunity to experience it so events like this, especially this whole weekend, is an opportunity for us to show our Polish heritage and what a wonderful heritage it is,” said Rich Nawrocki, president of Polish Falcons.