GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Police are asking the community for help in tracking down three accused rioters.

The Grand Rapids Police Department featured the men in its weekly #WantedWednesday post on Facebook.

Despite several attempts, GRPD said it has been unable to find the suspects, each of whom has outstanding warrants in connection with the May 30 riot in downtown Grand Rapids.

Arrest warrants were issued July 1 in Grand Rapids District Court for Andrew James Tyler, 28, and Howard Eugene Nall, 34. According to court records, both men have addresses in Grand Rapids.

Tyler is charged with one count of riot and two counts of malicious destruction of property. Nall faces one count of riot, one count of malicious destruction of property and one count of breaking and entering.

On Sept. 4, a district court judge issued an arrest warrant for Xavier Rener-I-Adore Pinkley of Wyoming, Michigan. Pinkley is wanted for one count of riot and one count of attempted malicious destruction of property.

Michigan State Police records show Pinkley’s criminal history includes a prior conviction for felony home invasion and arrests for assault with a dangerous weapon and misdemeanor domestic violence.

Kent County prosecutors have so far filed charges against 20 people in the riots that damaged more than 100 buildings in downtown Grand Rapids.


According to the probable cause affidavit in Pinkley’s case, the 25-year-old was among those who entered the first business to be damaged and looted the night of May 30.

The affidavit noted the burglary of that first business — Villa at 4 East Fulton St., catty-corner from police headquarters — was captured in “multiple live news coverages.”

“(Xavier Pinkley’s) photo was sent out on social media and to local departments in an attempt to identify him. We received several anonymous tips identifying him as Xavier Pinkley. He was also identified by a Wyoming police officer who recently had contact with him on a call for service. I was able to identify him based on unique tattoos and piercings,” the document written by a police officer reads in part.

The officer went on to write that Pinkley, who was wearing a “distinct outfit,” was seen on multiple videos throughout the night.

In one such video, the officer said Pinkley can be seen receiving a crowbar from someone in the crowd and throwing it repeatedly at a window at the Secretary of State’s Office, which shares a building with GRPD.

“I spoke with Xavier about his involvement in the riot. Initially, he said he was only down there recording. He then said he only went into Villa in an attempt to get other looters out but didn’t steal anything,” the document reads. “When asked about attempting to break out the windows of the SOS building, Xavier denied ever trying to break out the windows. He said he was throwing something back into the crowd after he was hit in the head with something. He then excused his actions by saying he never succeeded in breaking the window.”


In the probable cause document regarding Howard Nall’s case, an officer wrote that Nall was “positively identified after being recorded on surveillance cameras entering Mojos Dueling Piano Bar, 180 Monroe Ave NW, through a broken window and leaving with a case of beer.”

In another affidavit, GRPD said Nall was positively identified in pictures and video “while causing damage to a ticket dispenser/money machine at the Ellis Parking Lot – 118 Pearl St NW, kicking it and throwing pieces of concrete at it.”

The officer noted that damage to the equipment was estimated to exceed $40,000.

According to MSP’s online crime records, Nall has multiple prior convictions for failing to comply with sex offender registry requirements, as well as convictions for hindering and opposing police and tampering with an electronic monitoring device.


The third man, Andrew Tyler, is accused of throwing a brick at deputies and their vehicles and damaging a city-owned parking gate during the riot.

Deputies with the Kent County Sheriff’s Department were in the area of Ionia and Fountain Street because they were providing security for Grand Rapids firefighters responding to reports of fires the building that houses the Kent County Prosecutor’s Office.

“From the time they arrived, and throughout the duration on scene, the deputies were dealing with a very agitated, hostile crowd who refused to obey commands to stay back and the deputies had bricks, bottles and other miscellaneous items thrown at them and their vehicle,” an officer wrote in the affidavit.

The officer said a man riding a bike, later identified as Tyler, threw a brick at deputies and their vehicles, striking “the rear of the police vehicle, breaking out more of the rear hatch window.”

According to the court record, a deputy, after ensuring his “backdrop was void of people,” was able to fire a projectile at Tyler’s leg.

“The subject fell from his bike to the ground indicating he had been hit with the projectile and after getting up he limped into the crowd,” the document says. “Due to the hostility of the crowd, deputies determined not to enter to arrest Andrew at the time.”

The officer wrote that Tyler later “took his anger out on the Ionia/Pearl City of Grand Rapids owned parking gate, damaging it. This action, as well as the brick throwing, was witnessed by undercover GRPD detectives, as well as several KCSD deputies.”

The court document reported the cost to repair the gate as $1,104.

MSP’s criminal database shows Tyler has one prior conviction for driving drunk.