GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Prices at the pump continue to drop across the nation. But one gas expert is not quite sure that the drop will be felt in West Michigan.

Friday, a gas station in metro Detroit dropped below four dollars a gallon to $3.99.

Patrick De Haan from GasBuddy said prices have dropped 14 cents this week. Thursday was the largest single-day decline in prices since the 2008 recession.

DeHaan said it wouldn’t surprise him if in the next week we could see a few more stations drop below $4 a gallon. He doesn’t think it will be widespread in West Michigan.

“It would not surprise me if in the next five to seven days we could see a few stations going under $4 a gallon. The biggest question is, will it be the entire area? Will it be all of West Michigan? Probably not at least for now,” said De Haan.

Oil prices are up modestly Friday on news that President Biden’s trip to the Middle East will not result in increases in Saudi oil production.

“Much of the continued decline relies on oil prices falling, not going back up. It’s a little too early to say that today’s increase will continue but for now I do think we have more downward potential across West Michigan,” said De Haan.

De Haan advised drivers not to be in a hurry to fill up as prices continue to drop. He said we’re in the midst of one of the biggest price declines we’ve seen aside from COVID-19 and the 2008 recession.