PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — From the White House to the classroom, former Secret Service agents reviewed security measures with administrators at West Michigan schools Thursday.

24 Hour News 8 was there for its assessment with North Oakview Elementary.

“Like this time of day when students are already in the building how could a visitor kind of come in,” Jason Russell with Secure Education Consultants and a former Secret Service agent asked North Oakview Elementary Principal Teya Cotter.

“So no visitors can access except for this one point. All other doors are in locked positions at all times,” Cotter answered.

At North Oakview Elementary security starts at the front door.

“This is the only way that they can get that door to even buzz to then be accessed into the building,” Cotter said in response to Russell’s question.

“We really get detailed, you know. We want to make sure that if you do have a buzzer on the door, how long does the buzzer actually stay disabled? Is it possible for two people to gain access with only one buzzer push,” Russell said.

Secure Education Consultants is a company that trains schools on emergency and critical response. Russell and all of his team are former Secret Service agents.

Thursday, at North Oakview Elementary they focused on everything from the entrance to the classroom.

“What would be a normal condition that the door would be in throughout the day like is it left locked and open, locked and closed,” Russell asked Cotter.

“Locked and open is what we prefer as far as accessibility for not interrupting the classrooms and quickly being able to shut it,” Cotter said.

Cotter says schools now do have to prepare for any kind of threat.

“I think that it’s yes part of the culture and things that happen in society, but we’re prepared and we’re ready for it,” Cotter said.

Now they’re perfecting the systems they have in place, learning from those who have been trained at the highest level.

“We’re bringing that expertise that we’ve performed not only in the United States but all over the world and bringing it to schools,” former special agent in charge of Vice President Joe Biden’s detail, Billy Davis said.

Because these former Secret Service agents are also all dads.

“There’s nothing more important that we could with our experience then help protect kids,” Russell said.