GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The father of the man held in jail on charges related to the disappearance of Wyoming mother Ana Carrillo appeared in court Wednesday.

The father, like his son, is charged with lying to police during the investigation into the 35-year-old woman’s disappearance more than a month ago.

There was no offer from the prosecution for 62-year-old Lyle Hudson whose perjury case now moves on to circuit court where he could face as much as life in prison when and if this case goes from a missing person investigation to a murder prosecution.

While there was no testimony Wednesday, Hudson waived a hearing which will allow his attorney Damian Nunzio to negotiate toward a plea deal that would likely have to include the father’s cooperation in the investigation against his son Andrew Hudson.

As he agreed to the waiver, the attorney told his client to make a quick exit.

But the family, frustrated with the lack of progress on Carillo’s disappearance called out to Hudson as he left saying “tell us where she’s at.”

Andrew Hudson, 38, is the father of Ana’s three children who police say they have “substantial evidence” linking him to her disappearance which police are now treating as a homicide investigation.

Hudson remains in jail on a $200,000 bond also charged with perjury and providing false information to police including asking his mother to lie about where he was.

The family had a long conversation with Koncki following the hearing and left saying they were told not to discuss the case.

Prosecutors say that for now, no new charges have been authorized in this case.

However, that could change soon.