KNOXVILLE (WATE/WOOD) — A Michigan family wants answers after their loved one was found dead behind a Tennessee church.

Knoxville police say an ambulance crew parked close to Norwood Church of Christ discovered the body of 25-year-old Raynard Enlow Monday. He was reported missing by his father last week; days later, his 2010 Dodge Challenger was found abandoned in Maryville, about 18 miles south of where his body was found three days later.

Enlow’s sister says the family feels like they can’t find peace because there are so many unanswered questions. Enlow was a brother, son and father to three young girls.

“(If you) have a bad day, he’s the person to make your day,” said his sister Penneta Enlow.

Relatives say Enlow was charming, hardworking, and funny.

“What happened to him? What happened?” Asked his sister.

The family still isn’t sure why Raynard Enlow was in Knoxville to begin with.

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“All he needed was a GPS, a car and some money in his pocket and he’s going all over,” added Penneta Enlow.

For days, the Detroit family has gotten bits and pieces about what led up to his disappearance and death.

“Once they found his car, we were like, ‘Alright, you found his car. Where is he at?’ He wasn’t going to leave his car,” explained Penneta Enlow.

Knoxville police are treating Raynard Enlow’s death as a homicide, but they aren’t releasing a possible cause of death because the investigation is ongoing.

“It’s senseless, it’s confusing and left a lot of people empty. We’re not at peace,” added Penneta Enlow.

His sister says they’ve lost sleep calling anyone they could think of for answers.

“We got to do what we got to do to try and figure out what happened to him,” she explained.

Raynard Enlow’s family they can’t find any kind of closure until his body is out of the Knox County Forensic Center and back home in Michigan. While the tight-knit family waits, they’re holding his memory close in their hearts.

“Our mom taught us we’re all we got at the end of the day. We protect each other,” said Penneta Enlow.

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