GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A West Michigan family was disgusted by what they found in a hospital room this week.

The Decker family said that they found someone’s dried blood around the hospital room when they went to the emergency room at Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital.

“I grabbed my phone and started taking pictures,” Mary Decker said.

Decker went to the ER with a relative who was receiving treatment. She said she was disgusted when her family member noticed drips of dried blood on one of the machines.

The trail of dark red dots led them to more.

“It’s just like a movie,” said Steffani Decker, Mary Decker’s daughter-in-law. “There was blood on the railing, drips of blood on the bottom of the bed. We go around (the bed) and we’re like, ‘Oh my gosh’ — splattered blood everywhere.”

The Deckers said they’re extremely worried about the incident because their relative stepped in the dried blood and also had her blood drawn in that room.

The family said the dried blood wasn’t their only hospital headache. Mary Decker told 24 Hour News 8 that she got two pictures of the problem before security stormed in and told her she could not take pictures due to hospital policy.

Eager to get proof of the unresolved issue, she said she snapped three more photos on her phone. That resulted in three security guards coming back to the room and demanding that she let them delete the pictures or they’d kick her out, according to family members.

“The three security guards gloved up and said they was physically going to put their hands on us and remove us,” Mary Decker described.

Officials at Butterworth called the situation uncommon. Spectrum leadership provided this statement to 24 Hour News 8 Thursday:

“Providing high-quality care in a safe environment is paramount at Spectrum Health. Once aware of the matter, we immediately moved the patient to a different room, and in speaking with Ms. Decker we had the opportunity to express our regret. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent, high quality and safe care. When standards are not met, we work to promptly address and correct the matter. Our emergency room staff provide exceptional care on a daily basis and are dedicated to their patients.”

The Deckers said the hospital was slow in apologizing.

In response to Decker’s claims that security tried to kick them out, hospital officials said they would never do that.