GANGES TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Emergency dispatch recordings reveal how first responders reacted after realizing that the rural Allegan County pole barn where they had been called was a doctor’s office and that a woman was undergoing surgery there.

“There’s some — excuse my language. There’s some weird s*** going on here,” a Ganges Township first responder told a dispatcher that night.

In April, officials put out a warning about Dr. Bradley Bastow, who they said was performing surgeries in a finished pole barn on 114th Avenue in the community of Glenn. He was operating illegally there — the structure had not been approved for use as a medical office.

The call that prompted the warning came in on April 20, the day before the department put out it’s news release. Oddly, the liposuction surgery was happening late at night. The 911 call came in at 11:53 p.m.

Using the Freedom of Information Act, 24 Hour News 8 obtained the 911 calls and dispatch traffic surrounding the incident.

“I was trying to see if you can get an ambulance over here,” the female caller said to dispatch. “[My sister] just had some type of procedure done, and she’s breathing funny. She won’t stay woke. Her oxygen level is going down, blood pressure going up and down.”

The caller said her sister was asleep at the time and asked for emergency help.

“What type of procedure did she just have?” a dispatcher asked.

“Some type of water jet type of lipo type of something,” the caller responded.

Allegan County dispatch sent first responders to the scene, initially not realizing that the patient was under the care of a doctor at the time of the call. One of the first responders on scene called dispatch to ask that police come to the scene.

“This doctor of some sort… that’s here is doing some procedure, put [the patient] under, and it’s a little bit weird,” the first responder said.

The first responder went on to say that Bastow was not cooperating. He asked that sheriff’s investigators respond to the scene.

“She is under right now and [the doctor] won’t give us any direct answers or anything,” the first responder told dispatch.

Investigators responded to the scene to begin an investigation.

Allegan County Undersheriff Mike Larsen said Monday that the patient involved in the incident was expected to be OK. He said the investigation into Bastow was ongoing.

Last week, the state suspended the doctor’s license. His pole barn office now appears to be closed. The doors were locked when 24 Hour News 8 visited last week and no one answered the phone Monday.

Bastow has never responded to requests for comment.