John James concedes in US Senate race against Gary Peters

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — John James, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, conceded in the race against Sen. Gary Peters Tuesday night.

The businessman and military veteran made the announcement on social media, nearly three weeks after Election Day and a day after results were certified in Michigan.

James congratulated Peters, the longtime senator, on his victory, wishing him and his family “good health and safety” this holiday season.

James also said his campaign donated over $1 million to community groups.

“That’s a million dollars that could have been used for more ads on top of the god-awful $150 million spent by all sides in the Michigan senate race. It’s insane but I ran because I wanted to help people and I am just so grateful to you for allowing me to do that through our Nickel Promise,” James said. 

A portion of James’ statement is below:

“Now, the reason we’re here. The results of the election were certified yesterday. I am happy that the Board of Canvassers led by Norm Shinkle asked the legislature to take a top down review of election law. But it’s too later for me. While I look forward to participating in efforts to secure both reasonable franchise and integrity in our election in the near future, today is the right time for me to congratulate Senator Gary Peters.   

“Senator, you may not remember this, but you and I shared a scotch at a Pistons game a few years back. So, in the SPIRIT of the holidays, Senator, there’s a bottle of Johnie Walker Blue Label coming your way soon. Congratulations, sir. I wish you and your family good health and safety this season and in the New Year. 

Michigan, the 2020 battle for this senate seat is over, but the battle for the future of this great country will never be over, and I will never retire from that battlefield, ever, and neither should you. ‘Surrender’ is not a Ranger word, and I know that giving up is not in your DNA. There are too many people hurting. There is too much work to do. There is too much left to give!”

James previously refused to concede in the race saying he had “deep concerns that millions of Michiganders may have been disenfranchised by a dishonest few who cheat.” Peters won by about 92,000 votes.

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