LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Tudor Dixon and the Michigan Republican Party seem to be at odds.

Dixon, the former Republican candidate for Michigan governor, fired back at the MIGOP after a scathing internal release blamed her for the Republican Party’s poor midterm performance.

The MIGOP release said Dixon was an unknown and untested candidate, saying her campaign had “no money, no statewide operations and was attempting to transition from three weeks of working for and receiving an endorsement from Donald Trump, into a general election audience with a more unfavorable opinion of the former President Trump than of President Joe Biden.”

The MIGOP also blamed Dixon’s stance on abortion. Dixon advocated for banning abortion in all circumstances, an unpopular opinion in Michigan.

It also blamed Trump, saying his endorsements of Dixon, Attorney General candidate Matt Deperno and Secretary of State candidate Kristina Karamo hurt the GOP’s chances.

Dixon didn’t take these accusations lightly and instead took to Twitter to join in on the blame game.

“This is the perfect example of what is wrong with the @MIGOP,” Dixon said on Twitter. “It’s an issue of leadership – Ron Weiser, Meshawn Maddock, and Paul Cordes all refuse to take ownership for their own failures.”

“It’s easy to come out and point fingers now, but the truth is they fought against me every step of the way and put the entire ticket at risk. We need fresh leadership at the @MIGOP or Republicans will never have a voice in Michigan again,” she said.

Dixon also lamented about the passing of Prop. 2.

“We have to do better than this current incompetent leadership,” she concluded.

The Michigan Republican Party has not responded to her accusations. WLNS, News 8’s Lansing sister station, was unable to verify the validity of the GOP release that Dixon posted screenshots of on her social media. WLNS reached out to the MIGOP but have not heard back.