GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — When you head to the polls on Tuesday, you may be surprised by one name on the Democratic ballot.

Alongside Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders you will see Rocky De La Fuente on the ballot.

De La Fuente told 24 Hour News 8 during an interview on Friday that he is really the democratic candidate that represents the majority that are unheard.

“American people need a choice, and the current choices are not valid,” De La Fuente said.

It’s been a challenging ride for De La Fuente. He says his campaign has had to use the voice of the people to get enough signatures to get him on the democratic ballot for president through petitions.

In fact, so far he has not even made the ballot in all 50 states.

“I’m the first person in the history of Michigan – independent, republican, democrat or otherwise – to qualify in the ballot in Michigan by the people,” De La Fuente said.

De La Fuente has never held public office, but he says that should not be seen as an obstacle. He thinks what he can offer is what will make the United States the world power it needs to be – a strong business force.

“Well, I’m a business person. If you ask me what I do for a living. It’s very simple. I create jobs, jobs and more jobs. That’s all I know how to do and I create jobs in almost every field you can imagine,” De La Fuente said.

He is a businessman from San Diego, California with much of his experience being in the automotive industry.

One of his biggest frustrations is what he calls a broken political system. He takes direct aim at the front-runner Hillary Clinton.

“First of all, she should be ethical which she is not. She should be logical which she is not. She supposed to be helping the party which she is not. She has one intention and one intention only – a coronation,” De La Fuente said.

But what really inspired him to run is the way he feels the majority of the U.S. population continues to be insulted and under-represented.

“I was very private until somebody insulted every man, woman and child. After somebody insulted a fellow candidate. After somebody insulted all the Muslims, and I said that person needs to be taught some manners. And I decided that it was time to teach them some manners.”

De La Fuente plans to continue his tour state by state, sharing his vision for the country until a final candidate is chosen. He is spending the next two days in the Detroit area before the Michigan primary on Tuesday.