BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (WOOD) — Investigators believe the man accused of hitting and killing 65-year-old Sandy Villarreal at an Oshtemo Walmart on Tuesday also tried attacking people at a Battle Creek Meijer the day before.

The Battle Creek incident reportedly happened Monday morning at the Meijer on West Columbia Avenue. That morning, Shelley Hewitt was waiting with her husband in the pharmacy pick-up line outside the store.

She told News 8 that she saw a maroon Acura parked nearby. Inside was a man with short hair wearing a baseball cap. Her husband thought it was just somebody waiting to get in line.

“We sat there for a second, and all of a sudden he started revving his engine really high and just shot off like a rocket,” Hewitt said.

She said the driver swerved past her vehicle and drove straight toward a woman walking out of the store. Hewitt said the woman just barely got out of the way.

“He got within an inch of her,” Hewitt said. “You could hardly see air between her and the car.”

After missing the first woman, Hewitt said the driver continued targeting other people; she estimates up to five in total. But the man didn’t hit anyone.

“He went down the aisle, going back and forth, swerving toward people, didn’t get anybody else, and then got to the end of the line and turned around like he was coming back,” Hewitt said.

Hewitt said the driver ultimately took off away from the store, leaving her and her husband in disbelief.

“I know I was screaming at the woman on 911,” Hewitt said. “I just couldn’t believe it.”

There was no doubt in her mind: the driver was intentionally trying to hit people.

“This was not somebody out of control with their car,” she said. “This was somebody intentionally going toward people trying to get them.”

On Friday, a Battle Creek police sergeant told News 8 that when they investigated Monday’s incident at the Meijer, witnesses could not get the driver’s license plate. A woman who told police she was nearly hit said the vehicle was a blue Buick, not a maroon Acura. The sergeant said distressed witnesses can often confuse details they saw in the heat of the moment.

But there was another problem for investigators: the surveillance video at the Meijer didn’t capture the incident.

On Tuesday, a driver hit and killed Villarreal in the Oshtemo Walmart parking lot. Investigators said the man driving the maroon Acura was 37-year-old Xuan Vo.

Vo allegedly told investigators he was angry, lonely and missed his ex-girlfriend, so he decided to kill someone with his vehicle.

On Friday, the Kalamazoo County Undersheriff, James Vandyken, told News 8 deputies believe Vo was involved in the Battle Creek incident. However, Vandyken said they can’t confirm that amid the ongoing investigation and the active prosecution against Vo.

Hewitt has no doubts Vo was the driver in both attacks.

“We’re sure that this was the same person,” Hewitt said. “Could we have stopped this from happening?”

She wishes she got close enough to see the driver’s license plate.

“We feel we’re as guilty as this guy. Because we couldn’t do anything.”