PENNFIELD CHARTER TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office is looking into an incident at Pennfield High School, where district administrators say sexually graphic media was shared among students.

Jeff Eckman was among the parents who recently received a letter from the superintendent’s office addressing two incidents regarding inappropriate videos and pictures. According to the letter, they contained “nudity and students involved in sexual acts” and have been circulating among Pennfield High School students.

Superintendent Stephanie Lemmer told us the actions they’re showing happened off campus, but they were shared on school property.

“I’m sure, like a lot of people, I just shook my head,” Eckman said. “It was a little bit of a panic moment for me. But at the same time, I think with the devices we have, this kind of thing is more prevalent than what we think it is. It can happen anywhere.”

Since the students involved are minors, the letter stated that the material in question is considered child pornography, which means anyone creating, sharing, or having it can face jail time if convicted. The district is calling on all parents to talk to their children about the incident and for those in possession of the videos and photos to permanently delete them.

Eckman said he had to have an honest conversation with his daughter in keeping her guard up.

“It comes down to us as parents preparing our kids ahead of time for this, making sure that they know that if something objectionable like this touches their phone, it can have implications for the rest of their lives, depending on how they handle it,” Eckman said. “Handling it correctly is kind of what I talked with her about.”

In a statement, Superintendent Lemmer told News 8 “the district is in close contact with the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department and will cooperate fully with law enforcement. The district will continue to honor the need for confidentiality as mandated by state and federal law and will ensure that proper protocols under board policy are followed.”

As for Eckman, he has something to say to the students directly involved with the pictures and videos.

“If they’re willing to take responsibility for what they’ve done and change their attitude about it, I would want them to know that there’s hope going forward,” Eckman said.

The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office sent out a release Friday confirming they are investigating. Detectives have learned that students were “taking nude images of themselves outside of the School and sharing those images with peers at Pennfield High School utilizing their personal electronic devices,” the release said.

Detectives say they have not found any evidence so far that students are in danger from any outside threats.

The sheriff’s office is asking anyone with information to call the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office Detectives at 269.781.0880.