NEWTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — A homeowner in Calhoun County was scammed by three men who promised to seal the driveway but instead took the cash and never completed the job, police said.

On Feb. 15, a homeowner in Newton Township said three men came to the home offering to re-seal the driveway and exposed basement walls. One man told the homeowner he had done work on the same home with a different company years before. The men were only described as white males in their early to mid-thirties who were driving two black pickup trucks, according to Michigan State Police.

The men sprayed the driveway with a black liquid in a few areas and then said they would finish the job after payment. They offered a better discount for cash payment. The homeowner paid the men in cash and then they left the area without finishing the sealing job, police said.

MSP Marshall Post is investigating the scam.

Anyone with information should contact MSP Marshall Post at 269.558.0500. The reference incident number is 54-1163-23.