MARSHALL TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — A massive area of Marshall Township may not be much for now, but more than 1,800 acres are planned to become what is called a “megasite” for Michigan’s economy.

Stemming from a decades-old idea, the Marshall Megasite project has grown from just a few hundred acres in early 2021. With I-94 to the north and railroad tracks to the south, the location for the investment-ready site is logistically ideal for whoever calls it their future home, according to James Durian, the CEO of Choose Marshall. Choose Marshall is the city’s local economic development organization.

“We’ve really over the past … 18 months … ramped up efforts, thanks to the partnership with MEDC and the state,” Durian said. “(The location is) at the nexus point between Chicago and Detroit, right in the middle between the two major cities. We’re only about a half-mile from the I-69 interchange. We’re about two miles from the I-94 interchange, so we’re right at … that highway crossroads.”

A map of the ‘Marshall Megasite.’ (Courtesy Choose Marshall)

Durian said the strategic site plan is complete, with infrastructure and zoning details still in the works.

“(We are) working aggressively to grow and secure our inventory of investment ready sites in the state, including the Marshall site which has continued to grow in size as well as a mega site in the Lansing area,” a spokesperson for the Michigan Economic Development Council said in a statement. “That includes working closely with our local partners and energy partners to assemble land, address infrastructure needs and ensure sites are meeting the business growth and attraction needs of the regions they are in.”

Durian said there are unnamed companies interested in the site but says the goal is to land a large manufacturer wanting to stay in the area.

“We want good jobs. We want high-paying jobs … jobs that are long-term, sustainable employment. We’re looking at 5,000 to 8,000 potential new jobs and a like a $50 billion … capital investment from the company,” he said.

He added that the larger acreage is enough to have the manufacturer house their supplier on the northwest side of the site.

According to Durian, the timing on when on-site work could begin is to be determined. He said it could happen as soon as tomorrow or as late as ten years from now.