BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (WOOD) — As detectives are trying to piece together what led up to a deadly attack in a Battle Creek home, family of the victim says they are still shaken and trying to take in this unexpected new reality.

Ryan Brouse‘s father Andrew Brouse got a chilling phone call Tuesday.

“His girlfriend called me at 6:30 at night and told me there was blood coming out all over his head,” Andrew Brouse said.

Family said Ryan Brouse, 33, was staying at the Spring Street home of his girlfriend’s mother when he was beaten in his sleep. He was hospitalized, placed on life support and died early Wednesday.

“There was no hope for him,” mother Angie Brouse said. “No miracle could save him. His injuries were too bad. Even surgery… nothing could’ve saved him.”

They have a message to whoever took Ryan away from them:

“I believe you are cold-hearted. I would like you to be in my shoes — to take somebody away,” Angie Brouse said. “How could you be so cruel and beat somebody when they’re sleeping? That is just sick.”

“I want them to be locked up for the rest of their life because they took somebody’s life. They deserve that,” Kailee Brouse, Brouse’s sister, said.

Ryan Brouse is survived by his 7-year-old daughter Mariah.

“I want (whoever was responsible) taken care of… either like he was taken care of or gone for the rest of his life in prison,” Andrew Brouse said. “(His daughter) now has to suffer the rest of her life.”

Over the last few years, police documents show, Ryan Brouse was in and out of jail on charges ranging from assault to property damage. Battle Creek Police Department Detective Sgt. Chris Rabbitt would not say if investigators believe that had anything to do with the attack.

“We are looking into Mr. Brouse’s previous contacts, really tracking back as far as we can, finding any connections that might lead us to finding answers as in why this occurred,” Rabbitt said.

Brouse’s loved ones say he maintained a good relationship with the whole family and kept contact with them. They added they were always there for him, no matter what.

“He touched everybody in our family’s lives. One way or another, whether it’d be bad or good, he was always there,” Andrew Brouse said. “You’d always try to help somebody out, go the extra mile for him, do what he could do for anybody.”

“He’s never going to be forgotten,” Brandi Merringer, another of Ryan Brouse’s sisters, said. “He’s a great guy and he’s our brother. What else are we supposed to do?”

Brouse’s family will be having a truck rally in his honor on Saturday starting at the parking lot of what used to the Battle Creek Kmart on Capital Avenue and heading down Michigan Avenue. Trucks are planning to meet at 4 p.m. and begin the drive at 5:30 p.m.

Battle Creek police say they do not have any information on a suspect or a person of interest. Anyone who was in the area of the attack Tuesday or has any information that could help solve the case is urged to call BCPD at 269.781.0911 or Silent Observer at 269.964.3888.