RICHLAND, Mich. (WOOD) — A child who had been missing from the Battle Creek area for several months was found after a traffic stop, according to police.

On Sunday, an officer with the Richland Police Department pulled a vehicle over for a traffic stop.

“The officer’s proactive and diligent police work, along with his sharp intuition, led to the recovery of a child who had been missing from the Battle Creek, MI area for nearly seven months,” read a Facebook post from the department.

The missing child, who police did not provide an age for, was reunited with her parents.

It is not clear exactly how the child was found or how she went missing. She was not named by police. No charges have been announced.

“Awesome heads-up police work by the officer. Something like this can go unnoticed on a routine traffic stop. Because of the officer’s instincts, use of training, and great police work, the minor is reunited with the family,” said Richland Police Chief Jeff Mattioli. “Our department and community are immensely proud of the officer for going beyond the call of duty. Well done.”