NEWTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — The Binder Park Zoo has announced the birth of a baby black and white Colobus monkey.

A courtesy photo of “Nairobi” and her baby Colobus monkey at Binder Park Zoo.

The baby, whose gender has not been determined, was born on June 26 at the zoo to Usi and Nairobi. Zoo staff says they’ve been giving the baby and parents their privacy and space so the family can bond as naturally as possible.

“Colobus babies are born with their eyes open and a very strong grip, which is crucial to their survival since they are an arboreal primate species, primarily living high up in the trees,” said Kelsey Dibble, the zoo’s collection supervisor, said in a release. “Other than observing and providing basic care, we take a hands-off approach to encourage the troop to bond with and care for the infant just as it would in the wild.”

The new addition brings the zoo’s colobus troop total to six monkeys.

The zoo says it’s excited for guests to catch a glimpse of the new baby but notes there is no guarantee the troop will be on exhibit on any given day.