BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (WOOD) — A man accused of killing a 21-year-old in a West Michigan cold case is speaking out. 

Harold David Haulman III, 43, was recently sentenced to serve two life terms for the murders of two women in Pennsylvania. Police say while they interviewed Haulman last winter about the 2018 murder of Tianna Phillips and the 2020 killing of Erica Schultz in Pennsylvania, he also confessed to the 2005 killing of Ashley Parlier in Calhoun County. 

Her family says in 2005, 21-year-old Parlier stormed off from her Battle Creek home following an argument with her parents. Her family says a week went by and she did not return. She was reported missing and hasn’t been found since. 

Police say in December of 2020, Haulman admitted to knocking Parlier unconscious during an argument, later killing her and leaving her body in a remote area in Newton Township.

This past week, Haulman sat down with an investigative reporter from New 8’s sister station, WBRE/WYOU, to talk about the cases. 

“I didn’t want that to happen with Ashley. That one I regret more than any of them. She was just a confused girl. She came to me for help and things got out of hand. I just… I lost control of myself on that one,” said Haulman during the two hour long interview. “I felt really bad after Ashley. I was drunk for probably about three weeks straight after that because I wanted to forget it ever happened.”

During the interview, Haulman gave details about what he says he did after assaulting Parlier in 2005 and where he left her body. 

“It was a field, overgrown, middle of nowhere Michigan and it’s 10 miles from town. There’s like a garage close by or something or a small house but it was empty. We sat there. I sat there kind of in my own world,” said Haulman. “(Ashley) was in the back, just out and I was sitting there and no cars drove by. The longer I sat there the more I thought this is as good a place as any. Then it happened. I took her out and took her to the spot and finished the job.”

Haulman told the reporter he “bashed” Parlier with a log in the head until she died. He says he did not bury her body. Police believe the two were previously in some sort of romantic relationship.

Her family believes she was pregnant at the time. 

In March of 2021, police resumed searching for Parlier’s remains with new information from Haulman. They also had the 43-year-old flown out to help narrow down the location of her remains but were unsuccessful.

Haulman says the time lapse between when it happened and now makes it difficult to recall exactly where he left Parlier. He went on to say he believes he may have subconsciously blocked out the memory.

Parlier’s sister, Nicole Campen, says it “destroyed” her parents.

“It was really hard for them not knowing. My mother, her Huntington’s progressed very quickly due to grief and depression. My father was the same. Being a parent now myself I know what they were going through,” said Campen. “It’s hard to understand what type of person could do that. I could never imagine wanting to hurt someone that badly.”

Campen says she was surprised to learn that Haulman was speaking out in her sisters case. She says the TV interview was the first time she heard Haulman’s voice.

“For me, I think it’s him just kind of acting like ‘It happened. I moved on with my life’ and it’s like, we didn’t get to move on. For 16 years, we had to wonder and worry. That was kind of rough,” said Campen of the interview. 

When asked if he has anything he’d like to say to the family of his victims, Haulman said there are no words that would suffice. He went on to insinuate allowing the families to beat him with a log might give them relief.

“He’s right. His apology doesn’t mean anything to me. Sixteen years ago? Maybe, but I had to watch my parents struggle and suffer. I’ve had to struggle and suffer. He’s taken two more lives since. No, his apology doesn’t mean anything to me. His snarky remark about handing me a log… he’s not good enough for a log. He’s good enough for 16-20 years sitting in prison and that’s what he’s good enough for,” said Campen.

Haulman has not been arraigned yet on the charges in Parlier’s case in Michigan. Police say there is no court date set yet. They say Haulman has to finish court proceedings in Pennsylvania before being extradited back to Calhoun County.