COLDWATER, Mich. (WOOD) — The Tibbits Opera Foundation Arts Council in Coldwater has announced the lineup for its ‘popcorn theatre’ season.

The performances are all coming up this summer. The line up has five shows created specifically for kids and their families to enjoy on Friday and Saturday mornings.

Among the performances will be two shows presented by the actors in the Tibbits summer theatre.

Stephanie Burdick, the Tibbits operations director, said ‘popcorn theatre’ is a great way to introduce kids to live theatre and touring artists.

“A lot of times popcorn theatre is the first experience that children have to live theater,” Burdick said. “So we understand there are going to be some kids that are talking back. A lot of times there’s interaction, as far the cast members will run through the audience, ‘Hide me, hide me,’ or, ‘Where did they go?’ And so it is this great experience for children, for their families, and it’s just a wonderful introduction to theater.”

The two shows that the Tibbits Theatre will be producing this year are “Aladdin’s Luck” and “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” Keeping with the Disney theme, there will also be a screening of the movie “Encanto” on the theatre’s big screen. There will also be performances of ‘Doug Scheer’s Wacky Science’ and ‘Once Upon a Princess Storytime & Songs.’

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