‘Sexually delinquent’ man who exposed self has violent past

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A mug shot of David Slovinski from the Michigan Department of Corrections. (Aug. 9, 2019)

HASTINGS, Mich. (WOOD) — David Keith Slovinski isn’t particularly selective about where he exposes himself.

The Kentwood man has targeted unsuspecting women in parking lots, stores and public beaches in several counties across West Michigan.

Often, he’s sitting in the driver’s seat of his blue Chevrolet Trailblazer, but not always.

On Christmas morning 2018, a woman awoke to find Slovinski masturbating outside her family room picture window in Barry County.

The registered sex offender, now 56, pleaded guilty this summer to indecent exposure in the Christmas Day incident.

In a hearing Monday in Barry County Circuit Court in Hastings, Judge Michael Schipper ruled Slovinski was also “sexually delinquent” at the time of the crime. That finding allows the Michigan Department of Corrections to keep him in prison for life.


The sex offender’s decadeslong criminal record reveals a history of sexual violence far beyond indecent exposure.

“The first incident was an abduction and rape that occurred in 1986 in which a 19-year-old woman had been pulled into his van and been sexually assaulted until she passed out,” said Michigan State Police Trooper Blaine Bachman, testifying Monday in Schipper’s courtroom.

Then after serving time in prison for the 1986 assault, Slovinski was convicted of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl in 1998 as she walked home after dark south of Cedar Springs.

The woman Slovinski attacked in 1998 was one of seven prior victims who courageously testified Monday in an effort to prove Slovinski’s sexual delinquency.

Michigan law describes a sexually delinquent person as a defendant “whose sexual behavior is characterized by repetitive or compulsive acts which indicate a disregard of consequences or the recognized rights of others.”

By Trooper Bachman’s count, Slovinski has been prosecuted for “at least 10 indecent exposures and two sexual assaults” over three decades. It was Bachman who investigated and solved the latest string of crimes tied to Slovinski, who was paroled from his latest prison stint in early 2018.


Bachman got on the case after a mom reported an indecent exposure in early December 2018 in the parking lot of a dollar store on M-89 in Plainwell.

That mom testified Monday that Slovinski had parked his blue Trailblazer next to her vehicle and stared as she, her children and a niece got in their car to leave.

“I could kind of see him doing a rocking motion (in his car). He then lifted himself out of his seat and exposed his genitals and he was masturbating,” she testified. “I jumped out of my vehicle to get a plate number and description. … It made me angry. Had it just been me, whatever, he’s a pervert. But he was staring at my children when he did it.”

The license plate turned out to be stolen, but when Bachman heard another indecent exposure call while on patrol a few weeks later, he volunteered to take it.

In the second call, a mom and daughter were walking on 22nd Street in the Dorr area when a blue Trailblazer pulled up and stopped, lowering the passenger window. When the women approached the vehicle, thinking the man needed directions, they saw that he was masturbating in the driver’s seat.


Since 22nd Street is somewhat rural and it was wintertime, Bachman figured the suspect probably came upon the women by chance and, thus, lived in the area.

That’s when Bachman began searching for registered sex offenders in northern Allegan and southern Kent counties who drove blue Trailblazers.

When Bachman identified Slovinski as a potential suspect and found him at home, the trooper also discovered an old mattress in the sex offender’s Trailblazer, which had tinted windows.

Slovinski assaulted his first known victim in 1986 on a mattress in the back of his van.


During his investigation, Bachman reached out to Slovinski’s parole officer, who revealed Slovinski had been wearing a tether since his parole in 2018.

For the first six months of his parole, the Department of Corrections actively monitored his tether and reportedly detected no problems. At that point, parole officers stopped monitoring his travels in real time.

Still, Bachman was able to go back and use the tether locations, which were still being recorded, to place Slovinski at the scene of the indecent exposures, including the one at the dollar store in which the fast-thinking mom grabbed the plate number.

“Her 911 phone call and her description of the vehicle as it’s occurring minute by minute matches perfectly with Mr. Slovinski’s tether at the same time,” Bachman testified. “So as she’s describing that vehicle leaving the parking lot, heading westbound on M-89, I could actually watch through his tether as he flees and accelerates out of the scene.”

On Jan. 8, 2019, following Slovinski’s arrest, MSP put out a news release that prompted additional indecent exposure victims to come forward.

Slovinski’s parole officer testified Monday that changes are in the works to improve decision-making when a parolee is being considered for a change in supervision status like ceasing real-time tether monitoring.


“Obviously this was a failure. A horrible failure,” said Judge Schipper, referring to Slovinski’s ability to reoffend repeatedly despite wearing a tether while on parole.

Slovinski’s attorney Ron Pierce pointed out that his client did not threaten any victims during the most recent incidents and directed him not to conduct cross-examinations of victims in court.

“He pleaded because he did not want to put victims through this stuff again,” Pierce said in court. “He’s dealt with this his entire life.”

Slovinski is scheduled for sentencing in Schipper’s court in early November.

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