ORANGEVILLE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — The Barry County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting that killed two people.

It happened Friday afternoon in the area of Lewis and Lindsey roads in Orangeville Township, about 6.5 miles east of Martin.

Sheriff Dar Leaf says one was shot in a home and other was killed by the road.

He says both victims are men.

“It’s not a good day. It’s very tragic,” Leaf said at a news conference.

Passersby tell 24 Hour News 8 they spotted a bleeding man lying in a ditch. When they turned around to help him, a man holding a pink handgun came across the road and approached them.

“He pointed a gun in our face and told us to get going,” said David Harrison, who lives about two miles down the road.

Harrison said he called 911 and deputies quickly arrived.

“Yeah it was pretty scary… thank God he didn’t shoot us,” he said.

“That guy could’ve killed us both in a matter of seconds. Yeah, I’m thankful,” said Jason Wyatt, who was also confronted by the gunman.

Wyatt said they out away as fast as they could after the suspect pointed the gun.

“He walked up to my window and put his gun in my face and told me that I need to leave. I tried seeing if I could help again, and then he got more agitated and put a gun closer toward me and told me that we had to get out of there,” Wyatt said.

The two men tried to keep others away from the danger.

“We came down the road, turned around, blocked the road off, turned people around, so nobody else got shot. It was just a matter of time. He was going to shoot somebody else,” Wyatt said.

Leaf says the shooter is in custody. Deputies on scene say there is no further threat to the public.

Authorities say the scene is active; people are asked to avoid the area.