GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — From firing a worker to breaking up with someone, now you can pay a web service developed by a Grand Rapids man to do it for you.

“It’s nuts, it’s fun,” said Chris Boden, founder of, a website “For when life’s moments are too hard to swallow.”

While some people may disagree with the tactic, Boden says it makes sense.

“Why not? Think of all the other things in the world right now. I mean there are way more uncomfortable things that you have apps for,” he said.

There are apps to make friends, find love and hunt for jobs. Now there is a way to end them all, with the help of the web-based third party service.

“There’s a lot of crappy boyfriends in the world, there’s a couple really crappy wives in the world– done that one,” said Boden. “I’ve fired a few people.” has been up and running for about a month now. Boden, who also runs Grand Rapids’ Geek Group, says he has handled about 20 difficult discussions since then.

The site asks clients to fill out a quick form that asks for their name, who they need to talk to and what needs to be talked about. Then Boden has a follow-up conversation with the client to confirm the plan before he fulfills their request in person or over the phone.

Boden says he created the site because he was already providing these services to friends for free and someone suggested that he start charging. After thinking about it for roughly six months, he put together the website.

The average cost for service is about $50. Boden says people are more than willing to pay that to avoid the conversation.

“There is absolutely a need… more than I thought there was,” Boden said. “People are messy. People are complicated, unpredictable and terrifying, and we as a society are terrified of being embarrassed or uncomfortable.”