GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOOD) – The countdown begins for the fourth weekend of Project 1 by ArtPrize! This Saturday, September 28, DisArt and its collaborators present Voices

This multimedia exhibition immerses visitors in personal stories of alienation and belonging, as told by members of the Disabled community in Michigan. Its powerful message is meant to step alongside those who are on their own journey of discovering what it means to be disabled.

You can look forward to the “voices” in both audio and captioning format. In response to the individual and collective stories, there have been additional art pieces created by local artists that are also on display at this event.

DisArt is offering visitors an opportunity to record their own story during a personal interview on Saturday. Interviews will take place in a large sound studio located inside the Tanglefoot building. Sign up for an interview at the DisArt Welcome Table.

DisArt presents Voice:

  • The event is free!
  • Everyone is encourage to attend and record their story, regardless of disability status, cultural background, race, ethnicity, age, gender identify, sex, sexual orientation, religion, etc.
  • Exhibition begins at noon in the interior of the Tanglefood building and continues outside onto Critical Infrastructure, accessible amphitheater created by Paul Amenta and Ted Lott in collaboration with DisArt.
  • Exhibition runs from noon – 9pm
  • Performances begin at 3pm and feature Ritsu Katsumata, the Grand Rapids Ballet, and Mini Nifty

A shortened version of this event takes place on Sunday, September 29. The exhibition runs from noon – 4pm with performances taking place from 3-4pm.