GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Purchasing art from ArtPrize 2022 will be even easier this year thanks to the partnership between the three-week-long festival and All Art Works — an independent sales platform for artists.

“It definitely takes the pressure off the artist about having to talk about the price or anything like that with the visitors,” said co-founder Ellen Trumbo. “It just makes it simple and more straightforward.”

In past years, art sales were tied directly to if and when the artist was near their respective piece. Logistical obstacles may have hindered the purchase of each entry. Trumbo said they have nearly 300 ArtPrize artists signed up to be represented by the tech company.

“Visitors can visit our website, or they can use QR codes next to the pieces for sale,” she said. “That will take them directly to the product pages and they can purchase artwork that way.”

ArtPrize Executive Director Craig Searer said they are excited to streamline the purchase of art. He also noted that artists who utilize All Art Works will receive a higher cut than a typical sale.

“Seventy percent goes to the artist, which is more than a gallery,” Searer said.

If a piece is up for sale, a QR code will be displayed next to the art description. Once the three-week festival is finished, those who purchased a piece can pick up the art at Art All Works’ first brick-and-mortar shop located next to Founders Brewing Co.

If the art collector is not from the area, Art All Works will work with them to ship their respective purchase to where they live. 

“I’m very excited for what that means for the art community here in Grand Rapids,” Sear said.