GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — An artist is displaying their art at the B.O.B. in downtown Grand Rapids whose artwork may be familiar to people across the state of Michigan, just in a very different light.  

“I wanted to make something kind of peaceful. It is kind of been a chaotic two, three years just wanted to put something out there that gave people a sense of calm,” said artist Forrest Miller.  

It was not just the pandemic that created some chaos in Forrest Miller’s life. He was also a courtroom sketch artist for the Gov. Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot trials.  

“It was depressing in a lot of ways talking about very depressing subject matters. It was great mentally to escape into this and a lot of other crazy news,” said Miller. 

For two trials, his days were spent in a federal courtroom in downtown Grand Rapids sketching pictures for news outlets. His nights were spent with his oil paints as an escape from the heaviness of the trial.  

 “I thought it would be a kind of a nice difference between drawing court sketches in the morning, something really intense talking about civil war, kind of depressing. Then in the night having a peaceful waterfall to paint. So that contrast was kind of nice,” Miller said. 

Miller has shown his work at ArtPrize before, and like in years past, his work is hanging at the B.O.B., which is extra special for him since he also works at the B.O.B.  

“It’s so motivational because I get so many coworkers giving me so many compliments and it just, knowing there is a good chance that I’ll get a spot at the B.O.B. each year has really motivated me to continue to make art and continue improving,” said Miller.