GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Technology is providing a new way to explore the entries at ArtPrize.

An augmented reality scavenger hunt created by a local company is making its debut this year. The app enables a digital experience that helps guide people through the event.

Dean Hunt, the owner of the company that created the scavenger hunt, said participants can make seven stops in five different districts. You scan the images along the way and can win a free T-shirt for each completed route.

Signs for the augmented reality scavenger hunt at ArtPrize. (Sept. 26, 2023)
Signs for the augmented reality scavenger hunt at ArtPrize. (Sept. 26, 2023)

The technology also has a greater use beyond ArtPrize.

“WisckAR is an app that actually allows people to create their own augmented reality moments,” Hunt said.

Hunt came up with the idea for the project after seeing the interest in the technology at his oil painting art prize entry last year.

“A lot of people were standing there for many minutes, scanning all the images and then from that point, I’ve always loved ArtPrize and wanted to be involved a little more,” Hunt said.

The company spent many hours getting the hunt fine-tuned and ready for its debut.

“You had to search out all the venues — which ArtPrize thankfully helped with the list of venues — but I had to go out, make sure they were OK with it,” Hunt said.

Each location has a poster on the front of the venue or inside the building.

“We hit all the major buildings and even small ones, too, that people might not know. It helps get ArtPrize out further from the very center of the city,” Hunt said.

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The possibilities of what the app can achieve are endless, Hunt said, and WisckAR hopes this is the beginning of a long partnership.

“I’m extremely excited about the opportunities that can happen after this. We are hoping to partner up even further with ArtPrize in the years ongoing and then also maybe even take scavenger hunts to other cities,” Hunt said.

You can download the app on Apple and Android devices.