GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A push for greater equality over the past two years has inspired many of the 958 artists displaying at ArtPrize this year.

During part two of our primetime special called “Meet the Artists,” News 8 talked with some of those artists.

Meet the artists:

Paul Marquardt: black & white; Fountain Street Church at 24 Fountain St. NE

When you sit on the chair and lean toward the black half, a Black person says a word. When leaning to the white half, a white person says a word. The artwork is meant to have participants consider what unites us as people.

Melissa Machnee: Be Love More; First (Park) Congregational Church at 10 East Park Place NE

A sculpture of a woman that is painted half black and half white, brought together with a pink heart. It is meant to show that we all need a little more love to exist together.

Sebastian Sandu: ‘ONE’; Harris Building, 111 S. Division Ave.

Canvas paintings that combine different faces showing how despite the uniqueness of individuals, we can function as one perfectly health organism.

Hwa-Jeen Na & Yuge Zhou: Project Unity: Ten Mile of Track in One Day at Ah-Nab-Awen Park, 220 Front Ave. NW

Thirty-six wooden pillars in a deconstructed circle held together by steel bands, meant to convey the struggle for connection. At night, video is projected on the pillars honoring the 20,000 emigrant Chinese who built the western half of the Pacific railway.

Thom Cicchelli: Winds of Change; DeVos Place Riverwalk, Monroe Ave. NW

Masts that tackle important topics of the day including climate change, LGBTQ rights and equality.

Eugene Clark: “Hypocrisy: An American Struggle”; DeVos Place Riverwalk, Monroe Ave. NW

Paintings show the difference between how the race relations were portrayed on TV in 1960 compared to what was actually happening in America.

Tashif ‘Sheefy McFly’ Turner: The Sheefy Experience; City Built Brewing Company, 820 Monroe Ave. NW

Large tent covered in Sheefy McFly’s art. Inside there is live music and giveaways.

Kaylee Bearss: 3D Twister; City Built Brewing Company, 820 Monroe Ave. NW

An interactive four-sided 3D Twister game.

In part one of our special earlier this week, we showed you several of the works connected to the coronavirus pandemic.