GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — ArtPrize 2021 features some 958 artists, with pieces displayed at 144 venues around Grand Rapids.

News 8 is taking you on a tour of Grand Rapids to introduce you to just some of those artists and showcase the works they have created. Part one of our special, “Meet the Artists,” can be watched in the video player above.

For many artists, the pandemic either inspired their work or provided additional time to complete their entry. We talked with some of those artists:

Heather Boersma: “Covid Purse Diary”; Canopy by Hilton at 131 Ionia Ave SW

Heather Boersma uses materials she gathered during the pandemic to design purses that symbolize the things that have carried us through the past 18 months.

M. Joy Lemon: “In Remembrance”; Monroe Community Church at 1020 Monroe NW

A charcoal drawing of a single white chrysanthemum, meant to symbolize our suffering throughout the pandemic.

Broderick BeBout: “Coping with COVID”; Sundance Bar & Grill at 151 Ottawa Ave NE

Broderick BeBout started drawing during quarantine to avoid going stir crazy. He has been drawing five nights a week since December 2020. He selected some of his favorites to display at ArtPrize.

Donna Dzialo: Covid Time CAPSule; J.W. Marriott at 235 Louis St NW

A nurse from metro Detroit, Donna Dzialo started saving drug vial caps to create an artwork demonstrating how COVID-19 attacks humans and how vaccines can help fight back.

Lisa Andersson Zetye & Kristin Bliss: Pandemic Peace Stones; First (Park) Congregational Church at 10 East Park Place NE

Two longtime friends used acrylic paint to color rocks during the pandemic, creating patterns that evoke calm and peace.

Annelise Pollard: ‘From Quarantine”; The Center for Physical Rehabilitation at 45 Ottawa St. SW

During quarantine, Annelise Pollard cut up some of her old paintings to create a new artwork of small watercolor squares.

Peggy Sattler: COVID Doodle Quilt; Gita Pita at 6 Jefferson Avenue SE

Like many quilters, Peggy Sattler stepped up to help during the pandemic by making masks. That effort helped inspire her to create a pandemic quilt.

Shane Evans: Robot Resurrection; Peppino’s Downtown at 130 Ionia SW

Shane Evans created a 30-foot tall, flame-shooting robot that is made from recycled airplane parts and other reclaimed objects.