GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — In the classrooms at Hamilton Community Schools, Andy Losik brings toys to life. He is part of the school’s STEM curriculum, teaching kindergartners through fourth graders science, technology, engineering and math skills.

But there is a hidden benefit to the toys used to entertain the kids. Each of them incorporates the STEM disciplines in some way and Losik is gauging the interest.

“I can see depth of engagement and how the kids really like them,” Losik said. “And the kids help me make the list at the beginning of the year. I take some suggestions from them.”

Each holiday season, Losik takes those toys and reviews them for others, based on how his students used them. He publishes a STEM toy gift guidefor parents who are looking for options that will enrich the spirit of their child and grow their minds.

“They are pretty affordable. They’re kind of a modern spin on traditional toy ideas,” Losik said of this year’s list. “Origami, paper airplanes, block because kids don’t play with just blocks anymore.”

Losik was in studio on News 8 Daybreak to talk about and show off a few of the toys on the list.