SAUGATUCK, Mich. (WOOD) — The Saugatuck City Council voted Monday night on a task force to study the short-term rental issues impacting tourist communities.

The task force was unanimously approved by the city council after a vote on a possible short-term rental moratorium was shelved at a prior meeting.

During public comment, one resident said the sheriff shouldn’t need to devote time to enforcing short-term rental regulations.

“How fair is it to require the sheriff to enforce our short-term rental regulations on overcrowding and noise — the stuff that really drives people nuts in this town. And such when the sheriffs people quite honestly have … more important things to do, protecting public safety that we all pay for,” Saugatuck resident Dan Fox said during public comment.

At least three people spoke about concerns over how members of the task force were selected.

Mayor Scott Dean said the task force aims to find common ground.

“One of the ways we are going to tackle it is by creating a task force of people within the community, people representing a variety of points of view, everything from the real estate community to people that are in business to homeowners that have lived here their whole lives, to try to get everyone together and find some common ground so we can do a better job of managing the resource, which is our historic housing stock, our waterfront,” Dean told News 8.

The temporary task force will work throughout the summer and will make a report that will be sent to the planning commission. The commission will determine if any changes need to be made to ordinances to better manage short-term rentals.

A final vote will be made by the city council.

A third-party independent consultant will also examine how other communities handle short-term rentals.