GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Are you looking for a fun way to wish your staff a happy Valentine’s Day?

Paws With A Cause would love it if you ordered a “PAWS Doggie Gram.” It is about boosting workplace morale and raising money for a good cause.

This is a brand-new fundraiser for Paws With A Cause, a local nonprofit that trains assistance dogs for those with disabilities.

Paws With A Cause staff and volunteers will come to your office and bring either one or two dogs to cuddle and give slobbery kisses to staff.

“During the visit, they will also be bringing things to use for photo ops. So you can take pictures with the dog, and you can give them lots of treats. They are going to deliver cute little bags that will have valentines in them, and maybe some goodies just for the people too,” said Alexis Bolo Neal with Paws With A Cause.

The cost is $250 for one dog and $500 for two dogs for a 30-minute visit. The dates for the visits will be from Feb. 10 until Feb. 14.

You can sign up by going to by Feb. 1.

Bolo Neal said the money raised will go directly to preparing the dogs for someone with a disability.

“We have the dogs from birth until they are about 2.5 to 3 years old. During the process, from the time they are little baby puppies until they are ready to go to their client, they go through a lot of training. We have foster puppy trainers that have the dogs for about a year, they go through all the basic obedience training, and then they come back to us at Paws. We go through all the official certifications, training and health checks,” said Bolo Neal.