LEE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Neighbors have identified Friday’s Allegan County homicide victim as 21-year-old Samuel Williams.

Deputies responded to a distressed call around 4:45 Friday. The woman told dispatchers that she had been shot in the head by her ex-husband.

“I heard very loud gunshots,” said Tabitha Rainey, who lives by the crime scene. “It seemed like it was right next to my window.”

Skyler Veldhuis said Williams called her father just minutes before the shooting. She said he asked her father for help as Williams’ mother continued a custody dispute with her ex.

“My dad was on his way and all of the sudden, he quit answering my dad,” she said.

Deputies confirmed that a woman was shot multiple times, but was responsive when they arrived on scene. They spent some time looking for the children involved in the custody battle.

Rainey said deputies stopped by her nearby home, “asking if we’d seen kids running through the woods. I asked the woman if we were actually safe, she said yes.”

The children were found and are safe.

According to Allegan County Jail records, a James Edward Rawson Jr. was booked on an open murder charge. Family and neighbors confirm Rawson lived at the home in question.