LAKETOWN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Wolters Woods Park in Laketown Township is growing with the help of the namesake’s family.

Last week, the township board voted 4-1 to buy 2.5 acres neighboring the park on 147th Avenue near 62nd Street south of Holland. The township closed on the property Monday.

The land and the home on it went up for sale after owner Rev. Lloyd Wolters died in early October. The township offered $356,428.50. Though that wasn’t the highest of the dozens of offers the Wolters family got, they decided they wanted the land to be added to Wolters Woods Park.

“This is a great acquisition to the township,” Township Manager Al Meshkin told News 8 Tuesday. “It helps complete the park … eliminate future and potential conflicts.”

While there was overwhelming support for buying the land, there was some opposition. Jim Delaney, one of the board trustees, was the lone person to vote no on the purchase, saying that there are “so many other things” the township could use the money on.

“We should not be shelling out $350K,” Delaney said, according to a press release from the township.

Several other residents also spoke against the acquisition, saying that taxes were already too high, the same release said.

A relative of the Wolters, Jeremy Van Hoven, who is also on the township Parks and Recreation Commission, wrote a letter to the board of trustees encouraging the purchase, saying it “continue(s) the legacy” of Wolters Woods Park.

The land had been owned by the Wolters family since 1872. In 1992, they sold some to become the park. The township called that its first major land purchase.