ALLEGAN, Mich. (WOOD) — Several people suffered minor injuries and one person was sent to a hospital for evaluation after a firework cake errantly shot into the crowd watching the fireworks show for Allegan’s July 3 Jubilee.

What many said was supposed to be a fun night celebrating freedom, quickly turned into terror.

Amy Cummings, a Fennville resident, was at Monday’s fireworks show. She said right before the grand finale started, she took out her phone and started to record.

“Not even a minute into my video, an explosion,” she said. “It was like fireballs coming at us. That is the best way to describe that.”

A timestamp from witness video shows the incident happened at 10:34 p.m. Monday. You can see several people running for cover after a firework fired into the crowd. Many people took to social media to complain and chastise the event organizers for the mistake.

Cummings said everyone around her grabbed their kids, and their seats, and tried to get out of the park as soon as they could. She said she’s been coming to the Allegan fireworks for years but has never seen the boat that sets off the fireworks that close to shore.

“I’ve never seen the boat that close. It was too close,” she said.

When News 8 sat down with Cummings, she recalled what she heard during those terrifying moments that followed.

“The children’s cries,” she said. “That’s gut-wrenching. To wake up, and I can still hear the children. Babies, screaming and crying. There was a dog there. The dog was freaking out because fireworks are in the crowd. Literally in the crowd. It was coming toward us. You can feel the heat from it. So, you know it’s landing on us. We got to move or we’re going to get hit.”

The city of Allegan released a statement Tuesday morning clarifying what happened, saying their “thoughts are with all of those who were affected by this unintentional incident.”

“During the firework display, a firework cake from the proximate show unintentionally landed in a crowd located to the east of one of the (launch points). This resulted in a handful of minor injuries, all but one of which was treated at the site of the incident. One individual was transported to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital for further evaluation,” the statement read.

The show was conducted by Wolverine Fireworks Display, which is contracted to perform three firework shows each year in downtown Allegan. Protocol dictates crews from the Allegan Fire Department are on hand to respond to any emergencies.

“The city of Allegan is thankful for the quick response by the Allegan Fire District, LIFE EMS, the Allegan County Sheriff’s Department and the Allegan City Police Department,” the statement continued.

The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating, MIOSHA confirmed Friday.