WAYLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Authorities are investigating after a dog was found in Allegan County with a gunshot wound to the neck.

Michigan State Police said troopers were called Wednesday evening to the intersection of 5th Street and 129th Avenue near Wayland after someone found the dog.

The dog was taken to Dorr Veterinary Clinic. Owner Kayce Koski said she got the call after hours Wednesday. Because the dog was stable, he was fed and allow to sleep before undergoing surgery Thursday afternoon. Koski said he should make a full recovery in about a week.

She described the gunshot wound as a through-and-through to the neck, missing the dog’s spine by less than a centimeter.

“He’s very lucky that the bullet didn’t hit his spine,” she told News 8.

An X-ray shows the dog’s wound and the distance from his spine. (Feb. 27, 2020)

Koski said the dog, believed to be a husky mix, did not have a collar or a microchip.

“He’s the sweetest boy,” Koski said. “He was wagging his tail even when he came in, giving kisses, Very friendly.

Troopers are asking for the public’s help finding the dog’s owner as well as any information on who might have shot the dog. Anyone with information is asked to call the MSP Wayland Post at 269.792.2213.

If the dog’s owner is not found, state police said he will be turned over to the Allegan County Animal Shelter and go up for adoption.