ALLEGAN, Mich. (WOOD) — Allegan County has a new way to connect people to community, health and social service systems.

The Allegan County Community Links program is designed to be an extension of community services that are already in place.

Some of the areas the program will help with include medical services, transportation assistance, mental health services, legal services, education resources and housing assistance.

Liz Healy, the public information officer for the Allegan County Health Department, spoke with News 8 about some of ways the program is helping.

“We have these community health workers that will also work with local agencies to meet people’s needs and work with the individuals. And we do have a Spanish-speaking community health worker as well, which could be beneficial to a lot of people with language barriers when things are predominately in English,” Healy said. “Often when people are in need of basic necessities such as housing or food, they have so much going on in their lives, it can be challenging for them to navigate the systems and to get the resources they need. So this program not only connects them to the services, but supports them through getting the needed services.”

For more information on the Allegan County Community Links program, go to the Allegan County Health Department website.