VALLEY TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Authorities are trying to find out how a dead horse wound up west of Allegan.

The horse was found Monday morning in the area of 112th Avenue and 46th Street in Valley Township, the Allegan County Sheriff’s Office said in a Monday Facebook post that included photos of the dead animal. The sheriff’s department said someone who was looking for shed deer antlers spotted it and called it in.

The horse didn’t appear to have been shot or neglected. It also didn’t seem to have been there very long.

Deputies just want to know where the horse came from, whether someone dumped it there and why. They don’t know if the horse got lost or perhaps its owner didn’t know how to dispose of it.

The sheriff’s office asked anyone with information to contact animal control at 269.673.0519 or Deputy Jim Kimber at 269.673.0500 ext. 4319 if they have any information about the horse or its owner.