ALLEGAN, Mich. (WOOD) — Chevrolet’s newest commercial for the 2024 Traverse features the city of Allegan.

Carol Sneller said a random person knocked on her front door in May to see if she was willing to offer up her home as one of the commercial’s backdrops. Sneller said she initially thought the interaction was a scam.

“Yeah, we turned him down at first,” she said. “They had to get permits from the sheriff’s department to do the segments over on Allegan Dam Road, so he convinced us through the sheriff’s department that he was legit.”

The commercial and social media campaigns have started to air. The mid-size SUV and its interiors are highlighted as an actor family leaves Sneller’s home and packs up the vehicle for a camping trip.

“They used to affectionately call (the Allegan area) the rolling hills of Michigan because we have a lot of hills, a lot of greenery, a lot of lakes,” Sneller said.

The city of Allegan is experiencing a renaissance of its downtown corridor and its roads, leaders said.

“The City of Allegan is very proud of the natural beauty that surrounds our city as well as the wonderful people who have chosen to call the Allegan Community their home,” City Manager Joel Dye said in a statement to News 8. “Having a brand like Chevrolet choose the Allegan Community as the place to highlight the 2024 Traverse, the modern family vehicle, shows how much Allegan has to offer to anyone looking for their next home.”

More commercials featuring the Allegan area are expected to roll out within the next couple of months.