In honor of their 20th birthday, Grand Rapids Cookies and Cupcakes by Design sweetened the day of the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Child Life Specialists with cookies and cupcakes. The sweat treat was complete with milk dunking thanks to Milk Means More!

How Do Child Life Specialists Support Families During a Hospital Experience?

  • Minimize fear and stress
  • Provide education prior to medical procedures and offer support during procedures
  • Support the patient in the context of his or her family, culture and developmental stage
  • Engage and energize children and families through play, music therapy and special events
  • Reduce educational concerns due to hospitalizations
  • Provide support for families and siblings who may be affected by a diagnosis, illness, trauma or grief
  • Offer radiology and surgery pre-procedural tours to help familiarize the setting
  • Encourage parent and caregiver participation in their child’s health care