WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — Plans to redevelop the south side of 28th Street in Wyoming are officially in the works as the city has entered a development agreement with the Wyoming Mall.

The vote happened during the Wyoming City Council meeting on Monday night. The city accepted a $1.6 million agreement with Wyoming Mall to facilitate their construction and demolition projects, which go along with the city’s new vision for the area.

“What happened on Monday night is we came to an agreement with the Wyoming Village people, the mall people, that we were going to begin on the first phase of 28 West Place,” said Curtis Holt, the city manager.

28 West Place is a roadway that will connect with Hook Avenue and come through the Wyoming Mall property to connect to Michael Avenue. The Wyoming Mall was already planning to tear down the north end of the mall where the store Once Upon A Child is located and add a new structure along the side of the building.

“What we’re doing is trying to create a more walkable main street type of place here in Wyoming where we can have shops and businesses, restaurants and entertainment right here just off 28th street that is very convenient to our citizens, very walkable to our citizens and people can come and enjoy,” Holt told 24 Hour News 8.

The idea would change the image of that portion of 28th Street.

“For 50 years, Wyoming was really known for the Studio 28 lot, the Rogers Plaza, the Wyoming stamping plant, the GM stamping plant. We’re now looking at the next 50 years so we’re looking at new types of development. Wyoming is a classic urban sprawl community where we are car central. We are really built for cars and parking lots so what we’re trying to do is bring some of that walkability here,” Holt said.

The planning process started about 10 years ago, according to Holt.

“We started looking at 28th Street as a really centralized location for a lot of the major retail corridors in the area. We realized we had to do something different on 28th Street and we had a lot of planning and a lot of work with citizens and businesses to say what that was and that’s maybe finding a new way to develop business on 28th Street,” said Holt.

The city believes the area would also offer residential space.

“You’re going to see construction start with demolition on part of Wyoming Village mall then what we’ll be doing is building a street from Michael connecting through all the way to Hook Avenue that will go into a crescent shape. Then what we’ve done with our zoning code and our businesses to develop a new form based code to hopefully develop businesses and shops along that new line route that are more walkable, more friendly for citizens to get out of their car and go business to business, maybe forming more multi-family properties here in this area to have people service those businesses,” Holt said.

Since the city locked down an agreement with the Wyoming mall, they are now focused on reaching an agreement with Loeks Theatre Inc., the owner of the Studio 28 property. Studio 28 closed in November of 2008 and was demolished in March of 2014.

“We’ve been in discussions with them about finalizing this piece, this segment of the street. We’re very hopeful and we believe we’ll reach an agreement with them very soon so the second piece of that street will be completed and hopefully all be completed this construction season [end of October],” said Holt.

The road project is estimated to cost a little over $2 million. Holt said private investment would also be significant too.

“The money that we’re putting into the road comes right out of the city of Wyoming. We have money set aside for this project. We started planning and finalizing that plan. We set aside money in order to do this,” said Holt.

The city is hoping to have the first phase of the road project completed by the end of October and they are hoping to bid out the project as soon as possible. Once construction of the road is complete, the city will be speaking with developers about what to bring to the area.

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