WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — Two women are facing felony charges in connection to the death and disappearance of a Wyoming mother of three.

Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker has filed a perjury charge against Nancy DeCamp, the mother of Andrew Hudson.

Hudson was charged Thursday with open murder in the death of 35-year-old Ana Marie Carrillo. He is Carrillo’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her three children.

Andrew Hudson and his 62-year-old father, Lyle Hudson, were previously charged with perjury in connection to the case.

Becker also filed charges Friday against the common-law wife of Lyle Hudson. Angela Wilson is being charged with perjury and tampering with evidence.

Carrillo has been missing since Sept. 3 when she went to pick up her children from Andrew Hudson’s home and didn’t return. Her car was discovered abandoned nearby in a church parking lot. Despite weeks of searching, Carrillo has not been found.

In probable cause documents obtained by 24 Hour News 8 Thursday, investigators said Andrew Hudson lured Carrillo to his home under the pretense of picking up her children, who were not there. Police said they found blood evidence inside Hudson’s home and truck that linked him to Carrillo, as well as an apparent effort to hide evidence in the case.

According to the court documents, an officer who visited Hudson’s home the day Carrillo disappeared spotted a fire in a burn barrel on the property. Hudson told investigators he only burned yard waste “and similar items,” but the officer found evidence of clothing in the barrel, including Aeropostale buttons – the same clothing brand Carrillo was last seen wearing.

Police said Hudson also lied to them about the whereabouts of the couple’s children and where he was the day of her disappearance.

Prosecutors also said Andrew Hudson drained bank accounts for him and his three children a day before Carrillo disappeared.

Nancy DeCamp was arrested and booked in the Kent County Jail Friday morning and, as of Saturday morning, has been released on bond. In court records, she’s accused of providing “false statements regarding her knowledge and/or statements made by others regarding the murder of Ana Carrillo.”

24 Hour News 8 went to DeCamp’s house seeking comment from family members, but was asked to leave. She’s expected to be arraigned in court Monday morning.

Police said Wilson would likely be taken into custody early next week. A car registered to her sat outside she and Lyle Hudson’s home Friday, but no one answered the door when 24 Hour News 8 sought comment. It’s unclear when Wilson will go before a judge.

Perjury carries a maximum penalty of life in prison. The tampering charge is punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

A candle light vigil is being held for Carrillo Friday night. It’s scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. at the St. John Vianney Elementary School on Clyde Park Avenue in Wyoming.