INDIANAPOLIS (WOOD) — As Big Ten Media Days kicked off Thursday, a big topic was the name, image and likeness discussion that is now allowing college athletes to profit.

The University of Michigan became the first school to announce a partnership with retailers, allowing the players to profit off the sales of jerseys with their names on the back.

Some Wolverines believe the change is a good thing, but they do have their concerns.

“I think it’s a really good opportunity for college athletes to finally make money and utilize their name but obviously everything good comes with a cost,” Michigan defensive end Aidan Hutchinson told News 8. “So you got to be careful not to overdo it and put too much attention to it because then it takes away from the game of football.”

Michigan linebacker Josh Ross has similar concerns.

“Just young guys coming in thinking they are going to have all of these opportunities and it’s going to happen but in a position before they play? Like, no, just focus on playing and producing and then everything else will happen,” Ross said. “I think it’s more positive than negative.”