MIAMI (WOOD) – Brett Hodgson said his 9-year-old son, Wells, was a little apprehensive to attend his first Ohio State, Michigan football game. He’s a huge Wolverine fan but there was too much riding on that big game at the Big House on Nov. 27. And it had nothing to do with a shot at the Big Ten Title game. Wells was worried about his winning streak.

It is taken seriously by the 9-year-old, Wells is 6-0 at the Michigan games he’s gone to in person, he’s never seen them lose. And by the end of the Ohio State game, he followed the fans out on to the field. Leaving his dad behind and acting on instinct. It ended with a picture of father and son celebrating the beginning of something special.

“They pulled off the upset and I was like, okay, we go to Indianapolis. I promised him if they won we’d go to Indianapolis,” Brett said.

“Then we went to Miami,” Wells followed up with.

“Now we’re in Miami,” his dad answered.

After the trip to Indianapolis, father and son booked their trip to the Sunshine State. Leaving a day after his ninth birthday and driving from Orlando to stay with an old friend in Fort Lauderdale.

“It feels good because whenever I go to one of the Michigan games, we win,” Wells said.

The two don’t travel alone. They bring with them a 20-year-old stuffed Wolverine that plays the fight song when the foot is pressed. It’s how Wells fell in love with Michigan.

“As a kid he would keep on pushing it over and over every time they scored a touchdown,” Brett said. “It became his go to good luck charm but now he’s the good luck charm.”

Brett started this tradition of Michigan football games with his son as a way to make memories and share something both of them loved. This football team’s championship run has given them just that, beyond what they could’ve dreamed of. And they hope there’s another trip to Indy in their near future.

“35-21,” Wells predicted. “Michigan wins.”