ANN ARBOR, Mich. (WOOD) — As of Sunday, recreational marijuana is legal to buy for adult use in Michigan, but the dispensaries that can sell it are still few and far between.

Many people across the state have been waiting for this day since election day 2018.  

Though no dispensaries in West Michigan will be making recreational sales Sunday, many dispensaries in Ann Arbor opened their doors for sales.

Greenstone Provisions, Arbors Wellness, Green Peak Innovations and Exclusive Provisioning Center planned to open their doors Sunday to a new customer base of recreational users.

The manager of Arbors Wellness, Al Moroz, says he has doubled his staff in preparation for the influx of new customers.

“We were the first shop to get a medical license, and now we’re one of the first to get a recreational license, so were getting a lot of interest,” Moroz said.

In Muskegon, Park Place Provisonary was hoping to open Sunday, but the city’s application process will not be ready until Monday.