GREENFIELD, Mich. (WOOD) — A West Michigan hemp company is giving others a chance to have a hand in the industry, offering a U-pick hemp festival.

For the first time this year, the owners of The Hemp Train LLC are inviting the public to come pick and harvest their own hemp from plants growing in their Greenville field.

“I think it’ll be the first U-pick hemp field in Michigan,” owner Danny Bailo said. “I think for a lot of people, this is going to be the first chance in their entire life to walk through a field of cannabis.”

Bailo was among the first group of hemp farmers licensed in Michigan, partaking in the state’s first legal harvest last year.  

For their inaugural crop, Bailo and his team did all the harvesting themselves, selling its extracted CBD in a variety of products.

This year, Bailo planted a scaled-down operation, allowing him the flexibility to offer a more interactive experience like the U-pick festival.

“We do all the hard work for you,” Bailo’s wife Kristina said. “We grow it, we plant it and then you get to come and pick it and then dry it and cure it.”

From there, she said the options of how to use it are endless.

“You can smoke it, which is what most people do with the flower,” she said about the CBD extract. “You can make teas, you can make butter, which opens up the doors to make any bake goods.”

While the U-pick festival will likely draw those already interested in the cannabis and hemp community, they also see this as an opportunity introduce and educate those unfamiliar with the industry.

“We also have vendors (coming),” Kristina said. “We have a CBD expert that’s going to be at one of the vending tables.”

The U-pick festival will also have live music, pumpkins and other vendors selling a variety of CBD products.

The Hemp Train plans to hold its festival the first two weeks of October. More details about the upcoming festival can be found online.