Growing your own pot: The costs and challenges

Marijuana in MI

SHERIDAN, Mich. (WOOD) — For years, David Overholt has been at the forefront of the fight for medical marijuana.

He believes the November vote to approve recreational pot was about more than just recreational use. 

“Recreational was overwhelmingly, in the Grand Rapids and west side of the state area, approved — basically because there was no safe access for medical,” Overholt told 24 Hour News 8 Friday. 

That changes now, as the new law allows people 21 or older to grow up to 12 plants inside their home.

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Overholt expects more people who use pot — for both fun and for medicine — will start growing it themselves. 

He said it’s a challenging process. 

“It took me a good year (to get it down),” Overholt explained, adding that it takes two to four months just to grow and harvest the plants. 

He is among those offering to help. Overholt runs AAA Hydroponics in Sheridan and sells almost everything a person would need to start growing.

The one thing they can’t legally sell are marijuana seeds — though Overholt said for those looking, they aren’t hard to find.

The supplies needed to grow marijuana properly are not cheap. Overholt said it costs at least a few thousand dollars to get started. 

Still, he believes people are willing to pay that — including those growing for medicinal purposes. 

“They pay a lot more to put it in the big rooms. To have somebody else care-give for them,” he explained. 

The state is still trying to figure out how to license recreational marijuana sales, and Overholt suspects it could take up to two years until dispensaries start popping up. That means people can’t legally buy or sell pot, rather, they can only grow it themselves or have someone give it to them. 

Shops like AAA Hydroponics see the opportunity in the interim.

“It’s gonna be a rocket business,” Overholt said. “Think of it as a Kirby dealer, you know. How they come knocking door-to-door. So, we drop a bunch of people into nice communities and go knocking door-to-door and see who’s interested.”

Growing plants is not allowed in federal government housing and landlords can prohibit it for people who are renting.

Overholt said that although buying and selling recreational pot is illegal, he expects it continue in the black market. 

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