WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — From Brazil to Germany and all the way to Wyoming, Michigan.

“We never thought in our wildest dreams we would end up in Wyoming, Michigan, but it’s just one of those things that life makes happen for you,” 3 Gatos Brewery co-owner Linus De Paoli said.

This week on Hops with #HeyLuke, we’re in Wyoming talking cats… er, I mean, beer! 3 Gatos Brewery got its name from owners Linus and Renata De Paoli’s three cats. In line with the name, most of their beers also are named after breeds of cats. On this episode, two of our featured beers are cat breeds, while the other is dedicated to another Wyoming business: the Minskin Kölsch, the Angora Belgian Tripel and the Delski’s Smoked Lager Rauchbier.

Inside 3 Gatos Brewery in Wyoming. (Jan. 19, 2022)

De Paoli calls the 4.7% ABV Minkin “the no frills, no overthinking kind of beer.”

“You just relax, sit down with your friends and have a couple or 10,” De Paoli said with a grin.

Brews on display at 3 Gatos Brewery. (Courtesy Linus De Paoli)

He added that the light and crispy German beer is supposed to be one that anyone can enjoy without having to put much thought into what they are actually drinking. He wanted to include it on this episode because it’s his favorite, it’s always on tap and is his go-to beer.

Up next was the 8% ABV Angora Belgian Tripel, a beer De Paoli said was a must-have for his co-owner and wife Renata.

“It’s a style that’s very close to me and my wife’s heart. My wife loves Belgian beers and we used to live about an hour from the Belgian border, so we’re spoiled with a lot of good Belgian beers,” De Paoli said.

“She told me, ‘You have to brew a tripel, otherwise I’ll divorce you,'” De Paoli joked of his wife.

He added it’s a very simple grain bill beer that really allows the yeast to shine and showcase a nice spice flavor.

Renata De Paoli enjoying a beer. (Courtesy Linus De Paoli)

Last on this episode, we get a beer that tasted great but smelled like no other: the 5.8% Delski’s Smoked Lager.

This beer is named after neighboring butcher shop Delski’s Prime Meats. De Paoli asked Delski’s if it would smoke 100 pounds of malt for him in the large smoker in the parking lot. Delski’s accepted. 3 Gatos used it to brew this beer.

“They decided to smoke all the malts with applewood, which gave the beer this very U.S. smoked meat flavor. So for me, the first thing you feel when you smell the beer is brisket,” De Paoli said.

And folks, I’ll tell you, he’s spot on. I’ve never had a beer that smells like meat. De Paoli says, and I agree, that this beer smells like smoked brisket, while Renata De Paoli says it smells like smoked bacon. The Delski’s Smoked Lager gets the #HeyLuke Certified Story — the highlight beer of the episode — thanks to its team-spirited creation and noteworthy aroma.

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