WALKER, Mich. (WOOD) — JemVerDell.

If you’re wondering, no it’s not a word. It is, though, a nice tribute to some (small) shop hands at DeHops Brewing Co. in Walker.

On this episode of Hops with #HeyLuke we head over to Walker to meet with DeHops head brewer Ben Isbell. He introduces me to three of their signature brews, the JemVerDell, the Midwestern and the Premium Lager.

We’ll kick things off with the 5% ABV JemVerDell India Pale Lager.

“It’s a one hop, one malt, kind of like a pilsner but a little hoppier than that,” Isbell said.

This Lager has a slight bitterness to it. Isbell says he likes the Hallertau Blanc hops used to brew this beer and tries to use them elsewhere when he can.

Now I know, you’re probably wondering where in the world the name JemVerDell came from. I was the second he told me it. Isbell says this beer is humbly named after his three daughters, twins Gemma and Della, and Vera.


“I had them here with me,” Isbell said when he was completing the process of kegging this beer up, “I’ve always wanted to name a beer after my daughters and it just seemed like a good time to do it.”

The JemVerDell gets the #HeyLuke Certified Story — the highlight beer, or in this case, story, of the episode — thanks to its unique name.

The second beer we tried was the 5.8% Midwestern IPA.

Isbell says this beer features both east and west coast characteristics.

“The bitter hops are kind of your traditional west coast IPA, cascade, nugget. And the east coast we have mosaic hop in there to give it a little bit of tropical fruit aroma and flavor,” said Isbell.

“Midwest style isn’t an official style but it’s up and coming,” said Isbell when asked where the name came from.

​Beer number three brought us the Premium Lager pilsner, brewed with German noble hops and coined the “catalyst for many brainstorming sessions” due to it being an easy drinker. 

“I guess we would call this the beer when people come in and say ‘I usually drink Miller Lite’, this would be what we would offer to them,” said Isbell.

He was, however, quick to point out that it’s not like Miller Lite, as its flavor has a bit more bitterness. Isbell pointed out this is a beer to appeal to the masses.

As for the brainstorming sessions, Isabell said, “Even prior to working at DeHops, I spent a good amount of time with the former head brewer talking about collaborations and stuff like that.”

“Lot of BS sessions over this beer,” he added with a grin.

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