KENTWOOD, Mich. (WOOD) — For Black Calder Brewing co-owner Terry Rostic, “Every month really is Black history because Black history is American history.”

This time around on Hops with #HeyLuke, we’re joining Black Calder Brewing to take a look at a special Black History Month beer honoring that history, plus two other brews paying homage to cinema and a s’more: the special Pullman Porter, the Bougie S’more Stout and the Pelican Bay IPA.

We started with the 9% ABV Bougie S’more Stout, a beer inspired by Rostic’s sister’s creation.

“We were at this campfire at my house and she had these chocolate graham crackers and this really over-the-top s’more that you’ve never seen. It had peanut butter in it and it was like, OK… this is some real bougie stuff, so we made it a beer,” Rostic said.

It’s the third of the Bougie stout series. Rostic said the series incorporates other family references, including the Bougie Sweet Potato Pie Stout, which features Terry’s grandmother.

Second, we tried the 6.8% ABV Basketball in Pelican Bay IPA, which references one of Rostic’s favorite movies, “Training Day.” On the can, if you look closely, you can see the Denzel Washington character is wearing Air Jordan 13 sneakers.

“It stands for the 13th Amendment, which is pretty much responsible for a lot of mass incarceration of African American men. Obviously, they’re playing in a prison, you know, Pelican Bay. Growing up, we used to play on double rims outside of the park; paying homage to some of our childhood,” Rostic said, going on to point out more details of the art.

Last, we tried a new beer to the Black Calder Brewing lineup: The Pullman Porter is a tribute to African American history. The can art (pictured below) says, “Pullman Porters helped build the Black Middle Class.”

“They were the first group to unionize,” Rostic said of the train porters. “They were the first ones to have a major deal with an organization for a union for African Americans. They would travel the country with newspapers from city to city that were African American-focused so that everyone could figure out what was going on in other towns and other cities.”

The Pullman Porter from Black Calder Brewing, released for Black History Month. (Feb. 8, 2022)
The Pullman Porter from Black Calder Brewing, released for Black History Month. (Feb. 8, 2022)

“Beer is Black history,” he continued. “One of the first recipes ever known on this earth was in Africa. So, you know, beer is Black history and we were just kind of highlighting that this year.”

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